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About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

The idea of Happy Verse Day began many years ago when Rick Floyd was a Sunday school teacher and singles ministry leader. In trying to encourage people to memorize scripture, he connected chapter and verse numbers with calendar dates and came up with a personal "birthday verse" for everyone in the group. People were excited to discover which scripture verse actually matched their birth dates. The word of God became a personal message to them!

After serving on the mission field in Japan and Russia, Rick married his wife, Susan. Together they served in Russia and then returned to the United States where they were houseparents in a Christian children's home in Georgia. Today, Rick serves as pastor of First Baptist Church in Arnett, Oklahoma, where he lives with his wife, Susan, and three children. Wanting to place God's Word deeper into the hearts of their congregation, Rick and Susan found scripture verses that coincided with each of the 365 days of the year. Thus, Happy Verse Day was born!

Happy Verse Day's mission is to assist people in understanding the importance of seeing and reading God's Word on a daily basis. God's Word is living and "perpetual" and our goal is to encourage Christians to apply it to their everyday living.

We hope the calendar will be an encouragement to you and that you will share these verses with those you love.

Blessings and Prayers to each to you!

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